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After the US-UK-French attack in Syria

After the US-UK-French attack in Syria Categories: Middle East, Syria, Updates    

As reader are undoubtedly aware, on Saturday, 105 missiles were fired by American, British and French military units at Syrian chemical weapons research and storage sites, in punishment for the latest Assad regime chemical weapons attack in Douma on April 7, which killed at least 75 people. This Upd

Behind the News - April 2018

Behind the News - April 2018 Categories: Iran, Israel, Middle East, Palestinians, Syria    

On March 18, a 32 year old father of four was stabbed to death in Jerusalem's old city by a Palestinian, who was subsequently shot dead by Israeli police. On March 16, two IDF soldiers were murdered in a vehicular attack near Mevo Dotan in the northern West Bank. The driver was arrested.On March 18,

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Behind the News - March 2018

Behind the News - March 2018 Categories: Egypt, Hamas, Iran, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey    

American and British officials have revealed that Israel has been actively assisting Egypt in its prolonged war against jihadists and ISIS terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula. The collaboration over more than two years has seen a variety of unmarked Israeli aircraft such as drones, helicopters and jet

Inside Israel's "Good Neighbour Project" in Syria

Inside Israel's "Good Neighbour Project" in Syria Categories: Israel, Syria     Author: Elhanan Miller

The Good Neighbour Directorate serves 250,000 Syrians living within a strip of the Golan Heights along the Israeli border held by rebel groups, nine miles wide and 50 miles long. The southern segment of the Syrian Golan, currently held by ISIS, is not served.

The Dangerous US-Russia game in Syria

The Dangerous US-Russia game in Syria Categories: Russia, Syria, United States     Author: Noah Rothman

The US-Russian relationship in Syria has been a frosty one with its share of risks. Russia's direct intervention in the Syrian civil war began with strikes on anti-Assad militias covertly supported by the West and on the CIA-provided weapons depots that supplied them. Those strikes exposed to the wo

All roads lead to Teheran

All roads lead to Teheran Categories: Iran, Israel, Lebanon, Palestinians, Syria     Author: Eyal Zisser

An escalation of violence on the Gaza border came on Feb. 17, precisely one week after the IDF intercepted an Iranian drone over Israel, subsequently carried out broad-scale airstrikes in Syria, and an air force F-16 was downed by the Syrian military. Purportedly, the events in Gaza and the north ha

Russia and the Israel-Iran confrontation

Russia and the Israel-Iran confrontation Categories: Israel, Russia, Syria     Author: Herb Keinon

The scorecard for those actively involved in the events over the skies of Israel and Syria on Saturday, Feb. 10, looks something like this: Israel lost an F-16 fighter jet and an aura of complete invincibility over Syrian skies. Iran lost a drone, the drone's command and control centre, and some of

Israel’s Iran problem heats up

Israel’s Iran problem heats up Categories: Iran, Israel, Russia, Syria     Author: Amotz Asa-El

Saturday mornings in the Jordan Valley are usually as tranquil as the fishponds that dot the river floodplains, but dawn on February 10 was different. A pilotless drone emerged from the north and glided several kilometres along the river before sparking an unprecedented Israeli-Iranian confrontation

This weekend's Israeli-Iranian clashes in Syria

This weekend's Israeli-Iranian clashes in Syria Categories: Israel, Syria, Updates    

As readers will be hopefully aware, there was a major escalation in the undeclared conflict between Israel and Iran over Syria on Saturday. An Iranian drone entered Israeli airspace and was then shot down, (video of the drone being shot down can be seen here); then Israel attacked the drone's contro

Unlucky 7

Unlucky 7 Categories: Egypt, Europe, Libya, Middle East, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen     Author: Amotz Asa-El

Seven years after it was ignited by an unassuming street vendor in Tunis, the consequent chain reaction of political downfalls, civil wars, and geopolitical tremors has yet to come to an end... the conflicts across the Arab world have become a major destabilising force across the international syste

Behind the News - January 2018

Behind the News - January 2018 Categories: Iran, Israel, Palestinians, Syria    

An alleged Israeli strike on an Iranian base near the Syrian city of al-Qiswa on Dec. 1 resulted in the deaths of 12 Iranian personnel, according to Arabic media. A second strike on Dec. 4 targeted a military research facility in the Jamraya area known to be producing weapons for the Assad regime.

The Dark Side of Arabic media

The Dark Side of Arabic media Categories: Australasia, Media/ Academia, Syria     Author: Ran Porat

An examination of Arabic media in Australia over recent months has revealed that... antisemitic content and anti-Israel conspiracy theories are being actively promoted by various print and electronic media outlets operating in Arabic. Particularly concerning is material that has been broadcast on t

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