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What 1961 can teach us about 2016

What 1961 can teach us about 2016 Categories: Israel, Speeches, United Nations, Updates     Author: Ahron Shapiro

It's particularly worthwhile from time to time, in an effort to better understand the core issues in the conflict, to revisit key source materials and policy statements during the period after the 1948 War of Independence and before the Six Day War of 1967 - before the IDF controlled even a centimet

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Alexander Downer speech to American Jewish Committee upon receiving the Ramer Award for Excellence in Diplomacy, Washington D.C. Categories: Australasia, Europe, International Jewry, Israel, Speeches, United States    

The Australian and American Jewish communities have a lot in common. In both cases Jews have found in our countries the peace and tolerance which was denied them over the centuries in Europe and the Middle East: but they have not only found freedom and tolerance in Australia and America, they have c

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