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All wet on West Bank water

All wet on West Bank water Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: Akiva Bigman

The issue of water rights in the West Bank is constantly raised in regard to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, appearing again and again in public discourse around the world. According to critics of Israel, the Jewish state selfishly exploits the area's water supplies and denies access to the local

Down, but not yet out

Down, but not yet out Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: Dennis Ross

In 2013, US Secretary of State John Kerry looked at the Middle East, saw enormous upheaval, and judged that the last thing the United States needed was to add to this upheaval. In his view, as long as there was a certain level of stability between Israelis and Palestinians, Washington's task was to

Three "noes" from Abbas?

Three "noes" from Abbas? Categories: Palestinians, Updates    

Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas met US President Obama last week. The meeting, which one Palestinian negotiator described as "difficult",  received relatively low-key coverage at the time, but later Israeli coverage, based on US Administation sources, sugges

Essay: With Friends Like These...

Essay: With Friends Like These... Categories: Middle East, Palestinians     Author: Efraim Karsh

For most of the twentieth century, inter-Arab politics were dominated by the doctrine of pan-Arabism, postulating the existence of "a single nation bound by the common ties of language, religion and history... behind the facade of a multiplicity of sovereign states". No single issue dominated this d

Yaari: Coping Without a Peace Deal

Yaari: Coping Without a Peace Deal Categories: Israel, Palestinians, Syria     Author: Sharyn Mittelman

The Palestinian leadership will never agree to a Palestinian state on the 1967 lines and an end to the conflict with Israel unless all of its demands are met, but that does not mean Israel should not take the initiative towards a two-state outcome. That was a core message of renowned Israeli journal

Peace and the Partnership Problem

Peace and the Partnership Problem Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: Ahron Shapiro

Khaled Abu Toameh, veteran Palestinian Affairs reporter for the Jerusalem Post and other major international media, told a group of AIJAC supporters in Melbourne on February 28 that current US-brokered peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians appeared almost certain to fail no matter what Isr

Recognising Reality

Recognising Reality Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: BICOM

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's position that a permanent status agreement resulting in a two state solution must include explicit Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state is rejected by Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas, and is a key point of contention in th

Editorial: Abbas' Moment of Truth Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: Colin Rubenstein

As US Secretary of State John Kerry's self-imposed nine-month deadline for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations approaches, evidence is growing that Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas' true objective may not be to strike a deal that would give his people a state, but rather to run away f

Not all doom and gloom in Hebron

Not all doom and gloom in Hebron Categories: Israel, Palestinians, Updates     Author: Michael Thurin

In a display that would leave anti-Israel proponents seething, Israeli media has captured an incident of Israeli-Palestinian harmony. The Elder of Ziyon posted the following video on March 4, showing an IDF soldier giving two young Palestinian boys sandwiches in the West Bank town of Hebron. One of

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