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Biblio File: The “Bloodlands” Explained? Categories: Holocaust/ War Crimes     Author: Bernard Wasserstein

The term "Black Earth" is often used to designate the rich agricultural areas of southern Russia. But Timothy Snyder uses it in a broader sense to denote the frontier zones of east-central Europe contested between Stalin and Hitler in the Second World War - the "Bloodlands", as he called them in an

Essay: Words that Matter

Essay: Words that Matter Categories: Antisemitism, Holocaust/ War Crimes, Iran     Author: Ben Cohen

At the height of negotiations with the Iranian regime over its nuclear program, Western advocates of a deal found themselves rationalising the Islamic Republic's uncompromising belligerence towards Israel. They did so as part of their bid to persuade a sceptical public that the mullahs would honour

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The Significance of Iranian Holocaust Denial

The Significance of Iranian Holocaust Denial Categories: Holocaust/ War Crimes, Iran     Author: Emanuele Ottolenghi

In a recent issue of National Interest, former CIA analyst Paul Pillar lamented "the near-obligatory reference to Nazis in any anti-agreement writing about Iran." The comparison, he argues, is "an emotion-based effort to foster distaste for doing any business with such an ogre-like regime," which ex

Social Media Hatewave

Social Media Hatewave Categories: Antisemitism, Australasia, Holocaust/ War Crimes     Author: Sharyn Mittelman

Many people may have thought that Holocaust denial had been relegated to the dustbins of history - discredited by historical evidence, academics, court cases and the testimonies of survivors. However, on the internet, it is alive and even flourishing, especially on social media. It is now increasing

Essay: Evil without Banality

Essay: Evil without Banality Categories: Holocaust/ War Crimes     Author: Saul Austerlitz

In 2006, a prominent Israeli psychiatrist named Dr. Nathaniel Laor received a telephone call from American real estate mogul and philanthropist Leon Charney. Laor, a professor at both Tel Aviv University and at Yale's Child Study Centre, was told that a friend of Charney's knew a man who had come in

Asia Watch: Sporting colours

Asia Watch: Sporting colours Categories: Asia, Holocaust/ War Crimes     Author: Michael Shannon

Emerging from nearly two decades of military rule, Myanmar has been a largely closed country known mainly for its iconic figure of democratic resistance Aung San Su Kyyi. Recent visitors have been surprised to find that amidst the transition to democracy, one may encounter young men sporting large s

Media Week - Newton’s gravity-free zone; Village idiots; Exceptionally bad

Media Week - Newton’s gravity-free zone; Village idiots; Exceptionally bad Categories: Anti-Zionism, Holocaust/ War Crimes, Israel, Media/ Academia, Palestinians, Updates     Author: Allon Lee

Australian Palestine Advocacy Network vice-president Robert Newton offered up a series of red herrings in the Canberra Times (21/8) to justify why "Unless Israel stops the illegal construction of settlements in the West Bank there will be no resumption of negotiations which have been stalled since D

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Media Week - Burns' lukewarm analysis; Some get it, others don’t; Justice denied

Media Week - Burns' lukewarm analysis; Some get it, others don’t; Justice denied Categories: Holocaust/ War Crimes, Iran, Israel, Media/ Academia, Updates     Author: Allon Lee

Former US diplomat Nicholas Burns argued that a diplomatic solution will only arise when America "create[s] a direct channel between Washington and Tehran and begin[s] an extended one-on-one negotiation with all issues on the table...To be successful, however, the US must be ready to compromise by o

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