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Australians MPs speak out in honour of Israel’s 70th, remember Evian mistakes

Australians MPs speak out in honour of Israel’s 70th, remember Evian mistakes Categories: Anti-Zionism, Antisemitism, Australasia, Holocaust/ War Crimes, Israel, Updates     Author: Oved Lobel

In honour of Israel's forthcoming 70th anniversary, Government Member Stuart Robert moved a motion in Parliament on February 28, in the lead up to the 80th anniversary of the Evian Conference on the plight of Jewish refugees, to officially apologise for Australia's position on persecuted Jews in 193

The Last Word: Assessing the Assessment

The Last Word: Assessing the Assessment Categories: Antisemitism, Australasia     Author: Jeremy Jones

Anti-Jewish posters plastered across a popular tourist destination, cars parked near synagogues vandalised with swastikas, racist stereotypes alleging people who were untrustworthy or miserly are likely to be Jewish, not just spoken but published online. All of the above, and more, occurred in the

Europa Europa: Domestic Unease

Europa Europa: Domestic Unease Categories: Anti-Zionism, Antisemitism, United Kingdom     Author: Douglas Davis

I have always felt a profound debt of gratitude to Britain. It did not roll out the red carpet but, rather impassively, it offered me a refuge and the opportunity to lead a normal life of anonymity, which is the blessing of a big city. No more. Like many other Jews, I no longer feel at ease in Brit

The Last Word: Retro-corrective

The Last Word: Retro-corrective Categories: Antisemitism, Europe     Author: Jeremy Jones

Court judgements in Europe have legitimised acts of violence and vandalism as acceptable political protest - including attacks on synagogues! Some mainstream left and right wing political parties have removed any real stigma from antisemitism, tolerating, rationalising and excusing political allies

Conspiracy theories about the Kurds and the Mossad

Conspiracy theories about the Kurds and the Mossad Categories: Antisemitism, Turkey, Updates     Author: Shmuel Levin

In the wake of Kurdistan's recent independence referendum, all manner of creative accusations have emerged alleging that the referendum was part of a secretive Israeli and/or Jewish conspiracy. Admittedly, Israel has been supportive of an independent Kurdistan, but Kurdish national aspirations preda

AfD and the Jewish community

AfD and the Jewish community Categories: Antisemitism, Europe, Holocaust/ War Crimes, Updates     Author: Shmuel Levin

The big news of Germany's recent election is the rise of Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) with 12.6% of the vote. AfD is regularly described as far-right and has campaigned strongly on an anti-immigrant and anti-Islam platform. Despite some overtures by AfD leaders towards the Jewish communit

The Last Word: White Offs

The Last Word: White Offs Categories: Antisemitism, Australasia, Far Right, United States     Author: Jeremy Jones

Let me be quite clear - whether or not Jews had been an issue, the far-right demonstrators were repulsive, repugnant and reprehensible. Amongst my personal acquaintances who I have discovered attended the counter protest were Muslims, Christians and Jews, international students and locals, the young

The Last Word: The Banality of Antisemitism

The Last Word: The Banality of Antisemitism Categories: Antisemitism, United Kingdom     Author: Jeremy Jones

Prior to, and during, the recent UK election campaign, there was a renewed focus on antisemitism promoted by sections of, and tolerated by many more inside, the political Left. It seemed that the more one encountered the support base of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, the more likely one was to find a

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