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Netanyahu's US Congress speech on Iran

Netanyahu's US Congress speech on Iran Categories: America, Iran, Israel, Updates    

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu gave his long-discussed and controversial address to the US Congress on Tuesday, Washington time (this was early Wednesday morning in Australia.) This Update deals with the effect and aftermath of that speech. The full text of what Netanyahu sai

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Justice for Alberto Nisman?

Justice for Alberto Nisman? Categories: America, Iran, Terrorism     Author: David Horovitz

On August 14, 1993, in Mashad, Iran's second-largest city, the Iranian leadership's "Committee for Special Operations" convened to discuss its ongoing problems with Argentina - and specifically the flamboyant President, Carlos Menem. Reorienting Argentina's policy, moving his country closer to

After Obama

After Obama Categories: America, Iran, Israel, Middle East     Author: Robert Satloff

Even God, it seems, is tired of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute - and the never-ending standoff between US President Barack Obama and Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu. When a third intifada threatened to erupt recently following Israel's temporary closure of Muslim prayer at the al-Aqsa Mosque in respo

Givat Hamatos – the origins and significance of yet another settlement controversy

Givat Hamatos – the origins and significance of yet another settlement controversy Categories: America, Israel, Palestinians, Updates     Author: Gabrielle Debinski and Tzvi Fleischer

Media coverage of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's meeting with US President Barack Obama at the White House on October 1, was largely dominated by concurrent statements from the White House and US State Department respectively, denouncing an Israeli decision to persevere with the plannin

Back to Iraq

Back to Iraq Categories: America, Iraq, Islamic Extremism, Middle East, Syria     Author: Oded Eran

President Obama's Sept. 10 address to the American nation regarding the new US strategy against ISIS leaves many issues unclear, chief among them, what underlies the change in US policy regarding the extremist organisation. Both Obama's speech and public statements by senior American officials offer

In first interview Netanyahu explains to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Israel’s war aims

In first interview Netanyahu explains to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Israel’s war aims Categories: America, Israel, Middle East, Palestinians, Terrorism, United Nations, Updates     Author: Gabrielle Debinski

On July 20, Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, gave his first formal media interview since Israel launched ‘Operation Protective Edge' in response to incessant Hamas rocket fire just over two weeks ago. The full interview can be viewed here. Speaking to CNN reporter, Wolf Blitzer,

Decision Time

Decision Time Categories: America, Israel, Palestinians     Author: Robert Satloff

As narratives about the root causes of the impasse in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations take shape, US leaders have a major decision to make about whether to disengage from diplomacy or deepen involvement in less high-profile ways. The contours of that choice emerge from a detailed, impassioned, and

The Last Word: A+ for AIPAC

The Last Word: A+ for AIPAC Categories: America, International Jewry     Author: Jeremy Jones

Some years ago, I was invited to attend the Annual Policy Conference of AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. At that time, attendance was in the hundreds and the agenda narrowly focused. This year I returned to AIPAC as an invited speaker on the subject "Israel and Asia - New Fronti

The Biblio File: The Civil Servant and the Insurgents

The Biblio File: The Civil Servant and the Insurgents Categories: America, Middle East     Author: Paul Monk

When the memoirs of Robert Gates were released in Australia in mid-January, much was made of his alleged criticisms of US President Barack Obama. Gates was a holdover from the Bush Administration and a lifelong Republican, as well as the former head of the CIA; so those already inclined to be critic

Iran and the State of the Union

Iran and the State of the Union Categories: America, Iran, Syria, Updates    

Today’s Update looks at some initial reactions to US President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address, which he delivered before Congress earlier today. (The full text of the President’s remarks can be found here.) Of particular interest to our readers would be two

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Geneva: Beyond the Hype

Geneva: Beyond the Hype Categories: America, International Security, Iran, Israel     Author: Robert Satloff

The blockbuster nuclear deal reached early on the morning of Nov. 24 in Geneva between Iran and the US-led coalition is both less and more consequential than early reports suggested. And there is a good chance that its real value - whether it prevents Iran's nuclear ambitions or inadvertently opens

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