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Victorian Government Investigation into Race Hate

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AIJAC welcomes the Victorian Government's decision to undertake an investigation into racist activity in Victoria and to ascertain the extent of racist incidents over the past ten years. The investigation will be conducted by the Victorian Government Multicultural Commission with the assistance of the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission.

The Victorian Government media release stated:

"a number of recent incidents which involve ‘white supremacist' stickers being placed in public spaces, initially in Torquay and Lilydale, as well as anti-refugee slogans and swastikas, has raised concerns in the community."

The Australian Jewish News reported:

"After realising there was little he could do without a member of the public lodging a formal complaint over the stickers, last week, [Minister of Multicultural Affairs & Citizenship] Kotsiras launched an in-depth study into race-hate incidents, particularly white supremacy activities, not covered under existing legislation."

Currently, race hate is dealt with via different mechanisms depending on the type of offence. But Minister Kotsiras said there were still some offences that "fall between the gaps".

A report will be prepared for consideration by the Minister of Multicultural Affairs & Citizenship and the Attorney-General with recommendations on how such incidents should be responded to by the relevant government authorities.

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