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Is Jordan’s opposition to Palestinian statehood gambit part of a trend?

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Jordanian opposition to the UN Resolution on Palestinian statehood, as discussed in Arsen Ostrovsky's blog post earlier today, comes after a number of recent articles noting mixed feelings within the Arab world about the upcoming UN vote.

One is a two-part piece in the Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot by their Arab Affairs report Roee Nahmias about the Arab states' inability to intervene constructively, as well as the mixed feelings of both Arab leaders and publics. Another is a report on how Arab media are covering the declaration by Israeli Arab journalist Linda Menuhin Abdul Aziz, in a paper she did for the Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs.

Meanwhile, the al-Bayan story also reports that Jordanian Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit says he believes the declaration is actually in Israel's best interests, as it would give Israel the opportunity to limit the new state to "within the borders of the separation fence." Jordan claims it would like to avoid such a move, which it fears would eventually erase Jordan's border with the new Palestinian state.

Jordan's opposition to the PA-based resolution may be related to a growing gap between Jordanian and PA leadership, which the newspaper also mentions. The deterioration in relations was reportedly seen in the Palestinian decision to designate Egypt rather than Jordan as the mediator for the recent reconciliation negotiations between Hamas and Fatah.



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