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Iran's latest propaganda theme: Beware of Jewish bankers

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The Iranian regime is well-known for joining its call for Israel's destruction with Holocaust denial. But it also dabbles in more classical antisemitism in its propaganda efforts (see the efforts to blame "Zionists" for the international drug trade by Iranian President Vice President Mohammad-Reza Rahimi late last month). One theme currently getting play in official Iranian media outlets is the malevolent power of Jewish bankers.

Press TV is an English-language news and propaganda outlet wholly owned and operated by the Iranian government. Its online edition featured a blatantly antisemitic headline on Tuesday (10.7.2012): "The Rape of Greece by Jewish Bankers."

But Iran usually attempts to deny being antisemitic and, to provide superficial plausibility, generally substitutes the word "Jewish" for "Zionist" when putting out something blatantly racist. So it was no surprise when the Press-TV story title later changed to the ostensibly more politically correct phrasing "The Rape of Greece by Zionist Bankers."

But if the logic behind the new title is to mask the antisemitic claim at the basis of the article, this tiny semantical change is not very useful. Even after the change, a quick read of the text makes its true colours reappear and any "political correctness" vanishes. The article itself reads:

"As the true architects of the EMU [European Monetary Union], the Jewish Banking Cartel realised that the euro would create economic problems for SEA [South East Area] member states."

Indeed, the current version, with the seemingly more "tolerant" title, is actually twice as long as the original article. Moreover, the extra text focuses on exactly what the editors were trying to hide by changing the title. While both versions blame globalisation, the European Union (EU), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and generally the West for Greece's economic crisis, and claim that it is bankers who stand behind those institutions, the word "Jewish" only appeared in the original version once, and once in the title. The version still up at the time this blog time was posted, in contrast, included the most vile rehashed antisemitic conspiracy-theory language:

"European politicians have been led to believe that the IMF's recommendations are in the best interest of the people. Yet, the IMF's misguided approach to austerity continues to harm the entire European economy. This is not by coincidence, as the IMF serves as an arm of the Jewish Banking Cartel, which itself is the primary component of the Jewish Mafia."

But wait, there is more - according to Press TV, the so-called "Jewish Mafia" controls much more than banking:

"The Western media has also played a key role in the rape of Greece by the banking segment of the Jewish Mafia... Serving as a very important component of the Jewish Mafia, the means by which the Western media monopoly operates is all too predictable... When this approach is not fully effective, the Jewish Mafia uses its operatives in the government to intimidate and incarcerate individuals that threaten to uncover the entire operation."

And, according to the article, there is an ideological framework through which such "control" is achieved:

"Once they accepted the globalization philosophy engineered by the Jewish Mafia, each participant nation cast aside its sovereignty, and thus control over its destiny. Just as planned, the European component of the globalization scheme has served as a portal for the Jewish Mafia to pervert the society and extort the economy of each EU member state. Thus, Greece offers a glimpse of what the future holds for other nations in the EU."

Just in case it wasn't clear until now who is at fault, let the author clarify:

"Don't expect anyone to face criminal charges for this heist because bankers are never held accountable, especially when they are Jewish. A large portion of their getaway always occurs through the hands of the media crime bosses who distract and spin things so that the real criminals are shielded from scrutiny."

The article goes even further. It suggests that the "Jewish Mafia" will not stop merely at economic bankruptcy:

"...the social engineering segment of the Jewish Mafia will enter the crime scene to ensure the end of Greek religion, culture, solidarity and heritage. We are now witnessing the rape of Greece by the Jewish Banking Cartel."

With such blatantly antisemitic content, does it really matter that they changed the title?

Meanwhile, another expression of antisemitism in Iranian media was evident in the outcome of the cartoon competition for "international Wall Street Downfall Festival," which was co-sponsored by the Iranian Fars news service. The contest was intended by Iran to engender sympathy and support for the decreasingly important "Occupy Wall Street" movement in the US. The subject obviously need not have had anything to do with Jews as such - but the Iranian-dominated panel picking a winner obviously couldn't help themselves. The winning entry by Iranian cartoonist Mahmod Mohammad Tabrizi was an antisemitic cartoon depicting stereotypically Jewish men praying at what seems to be a combination between Wall Street and the Wailing Wall. Again, Jews are stereotyped both in appearance and in personality traits, as they are shown worshiping Wall Street, and by implications money, with the strong implications that the problems of Wall Street can be sheeted home to Judaism.

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