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BDS boycotts Jewish media; Hamas flees Syria; Madonna chooses Israel and more

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  • The organisers of the boycott movement against Israel have again belied the argument that their movement is solely aimed at the "rights of Palestinians" by choosing to ban the local Jewish newspaper, the Jewish Exponent, from a conference that they are holding at the University of Pennsylvania. The Exponent had previously published an article that was critical of the conference. (The Forward)




  • A German reporter recently released from Iranian custody has spoken about horrific beatings at the hands of his Iranian guards. (HuffPo)


  • Analyst Michael Ledeen has written an interesting thought exercise involving deceased CIA official and larger-than-life counter-espionage icon James Jesus Angleton - "channelling" his "thoughts" on the current threats of a war with Iran.


Daniel Meyerowitz-Katz

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