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AIJAC statement on the UN Human Rights Council's Commission of Inquiry on Gaza

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AIJAC's Dr Colin Rubenstein's statement on the UN Human Rights Council's Commission of Inquiry on Gaza:

"With the release of its report into last year's Gaza war, the UN Human Rights Council has once again shown why they are incapable of credibly, impartially and objectively investigating matters connected to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

"While the report superficially shows more willingness to criticise Palestinian militants for their war crimes than similar reports in the past, this was mere sugarcoating for the main, toxic thrust, which singles out Israel for special condemnation. 

"At the core of its failings, the report immorally equates the acts of Gazan terror groups who use their civilians to protect their military assets, and the response of democratic Israel, which judiciously uses its military to defend its civilians while taking extraordinary steps to avoid harming Palestinian civilians.

"The report cannot separate itself from its perverse mandate which convicted Israel of committing war crimes before any investigation had taken place, nor from the input of William Schabas who had been forced to resign in disgrace mid-inquiry after his previous work on behalf of the PLO was exposed."







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